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Circular Economy matters

Nordic Travel Solutions provides easy to understand, practical solutions to help you adopt Circular Economy principles through a network of professionally qualified global experts.

The Circular Economy (CE) has been described as a new economic model that can really make a difference in tackling climate change.  Consumers are already demanding sustainability from their vendors, but thats just doing less-bad - what are the opportunities of a Circular transition.  We can help show you where to start.

Nordic Travel Solutions partners with CE360 Alliance for Circular Economy expertise.

Why the Circular Economy is important

The world is changing, from technology to the environment and the competitive tourism landscape is no different. Consumers are more discerning and are seeking out organisations with valid sustainability credentials.  The rewards for businesses who are pro-actively rethinking the role they play in this arena cannot be overstated and the consequences for those who are not yet involved have never been higher.

The three ways we can help:

  • By using our expertise to help you plan and implement a sustainable strategy tailored to your business based on circular economy principles

  • Through education workshops and webinars to build your understanding and expertise in working sustainably

  • Our 4-point plan and toolkit so you can work on it yourself

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The Circular Economy

The Circular Economy is an economic system which has no waste nor pollution, which returns more to the system than it takes out.   It’s an alternative approach to the current linear take-make-dispose model of production and consumption. 

Watch the video to learn more.

How you can benefit

  • Lower costs

  • New revenue streams

  • Being ahead of the curve

  • Better data

  • Brand recognition

  • Increased control

  • Evolving alongside the market

  • Stronger accountability

  • Job creation & retention

  • Your legacy