access to european and global source markets 

Our source market partnership network around the world enables us to obtain valuable access and insight in key source markets. Working with individual destinations, operators and service providers, we are able to provide valuable local market intelligence and local marketing activities. Our source market partners are based in Russia, South America, China, South East Asia, India, Japan, The USA, Taiwan, Germany, Spain, Italy and France

workshops, roadshows and local market activities

  • Local market support services for Nordic suppliers; arranging 1 to 1 meetings, sales visits and roadshows

  • Joint matchmaking workshops with local buyers and operators with Nordic and Baltic suppliers

  • Segment themed workshops or conferences on Education, Wellness, Thematic programs, High-end and sustainability

  • Arranging in-market trade events on Nordic and Baltic destinations and sustainability

  • Conducting source market Webinars for the Nordic and Baltic suppliers on the latest from the market

  • Training seminars on specific insight and education on how to enter the local Market and how to attract business most effectively

  • In- market research and analysis on Nordic and Baltic regions and products

  • Joint pan-Nordic B2B and/or B2C marketing campaigns

  • Direct agreements with suppliers on representation services

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