we help enhance tourism for destinations, businesses, local communities and visitors

With a strong track record within the international travel and tourism industry, our skills in marketing, sales, product, procurement and sustainable tourism, are largely complementary and interchangeable.  With experience in international tour operating, destination and event management as well as digital and content marketing, we can offer objective assistance to destinations and service providers as well as tour operators seeking new sales.


Previously Purchasing Director at Tumlare Corporation.  


Extensive international purchasing, product development and procurement experience in Northern Europe and Russia

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Previously Marketing Director at TUI and Tumlare Corporation.


Extensive experience in marketing and new business development in international tour operating and destination management.

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Director of a successful award winning DMC/Incoming Tour Operator in Helsinki, with 20yrs experience handling a range of corporate and leisure products across the Nordic region.

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international marketing

One of the most challenging aspects in international marketing is how to be visible in a world-wide marketplace and how to get your message heard above all the noise.  Nordic Travel Solutions work with suppliers and service providers in all Nordic and Baltic markets as well as with buyers in all international originating markets. 

This international reach enables us to fully appreciate and evaluate those products and programmes that work best in any specific market.  By working with you on your international marketing strategy to enable you to carefully target your efforts, we help you grow your organisation and production as well as transition to a more year-round business.

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workshops & events

We operate dedicated and focused travel and tourism workshops and other events in specific markets and sectors, designed to deliver real business and return on investment

Our 'Rendezvous' series of workshops has enabled suppliers from across the Nordics and Baltics to conduct digital one-to-one meetings with buyers from around the world.


product development

A truly differentiated product delivers an authentic, original experience, aimed specifically at a target consumer sector. It is difficult to reproduce, copy, imitate or ultimately undercut. It creates value and holds margin.​

  • Assess your product potential; adapting and matching to applicable markets

  • Create new products through collaboration with other stakeholders to match specific markets

  • Connect with relevant suppliers and stakeholders

  • Marketing and promoting your products in the right markets

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sustainable tourism

Achieving sustainable tourism is a continuous process and it requires constant monitoring of impacts, introducing the necessary preventive and/or corrective measures whenever necessary.

Sustainable tourism should also maintain a high level of tourist satisfaction and ensure a meaningful experience to the tourists, raising their awareness about sustainability issues and promoting sustainable tourism practices amongst them.  We work with destinations, tour operators, venues and accommodation providers, offering guidance and the practical tools to pivot to a sustainable way of working.

We work  in close association with professionally qualified Circular Economy experts, the CE360 Alliance for Circular Economy Expertise and TerraVerde Solutions

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