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We work with destinations, operators and service providers to develop their tourism business through improved marketing, distribution and product development in the most sustainable way.  Together we help enhance sustainable tourism for destinations, businesses, local communities and visitors.

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One of the most challenging aspects in international marketing is how to be visible in a world-wide marketplace and how to get your message heard above all the noise.  Nordic Travel Solutions work with suppliers and service providers in all Nordic and Baltic markets as well as with buyers in all international originating markets. 

This international reach enables us to fully appreciate and evaluate those products and programmes that work best in any specific market.  By working with you on your international marketing strategy to enable you to carefully target your efforts, we help you grow your organisation and production as well as transition to a more year-round business.


product development

A truly differentiated product delivers an authentic, original experience, aimed specifically at a target consumer sector. It is difficult to reproduce, copy, imitate or ultimately undercut. It creates value and holds margin.

  • Assess your product potential; adapting and matching to applicable markets

  • Create new products through collaboration with other stakeholders to match specific markets

  • Connect with relevant suppliers and stakeholders

  • Marketing and promoting your products in the right markets


We operate dedicated and focused travel and tourism working events in specific markets and sectors, designed to deliver real business and return on investment

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By working together with other destinations and products you can create and promote truly original programmes to differentiate yourself and boost the attractiveness of your destination or product

The outcome is a better experience for the visitor, more visits and results that are better than anything you can achieve single-handedly. 

With a growing focus on global sustainability, working in collaboration also maximises efficient use of resources. Collaborative advantage comes from spreading risk by sharing local knowledge, data and infrastructure for everyone’s benefit. Nordic Travel Solutions identify collaborative opportunities for you and then create networks to put these strategies in place  We act as an independent and objective facilitator that will make it happen!

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low season


There are many advantages to travelling during off-season periods and through smart initiatives that turn these advantages into attractive experiences, it is possible to generate welcome new business. 

  • Identify real reasons to travel in low season:

  • Create new products and programmes for specific markets or segments

  • Look for key periods

  • Target the right markets




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