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UK representation

We work closely with a diverse collection of quality partners (hotels, destination management companies, DMOs and National Tourist Offices and have strong travel industry connections (media, press, tourist boards, tour operators, travel agents and airlines in the UK).


Each client is unique in their product type and therefore require a tailor-made service specific to their own individual objectives.

We aim to create positive results for our travel partners by undertaking the following key activities:

  • providing the perfect UK office location in LONDON

  • providing regular ‘face to face’ sales calls and communication with small, medium and large scale travel related companies

  • introducing new partners, while maintaining and expanding business with existing client base

  • assisting in the planning and implementation of suitable sales and marketing plans

  • providing support to reservation, product and contracting personnel with training, incentives, sponsored social activities and assistance with FAM trips

  • undertaking regular resort visits for team meetings and product updates

  • reviewing rate structure and expenditure on brochure / marketing fees

  • negotiating and contracting on behalf of our clients

  • organising and escorting clients on sales visits

  • providing representation at trade shows and travel industry events

  • providing monthly reports to include actual & potential leads, market trends, competitor activity and product feedback

  • enhancing our clients’ unique selling points to ensure that their products are considered for inclusion within printed and / or web based material

  • providing a cost-effective medium

  • Local market support services for Nordic suppliers; arranging 1 to 1 meetings, sales visits and roadshows

  • Joint matchmaking workshops with local buyers and operators with Nordic and Baltic suppliers

  • Segment themed workshops or conferences on Education, Wellness, Thematic programs, High-end and sustainability

  • Arranging in-market trade events on Nordic and Baltic destinations and sustainability

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