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The Nordic Tourism Collective

We've been thinking for a while about the Nordics and Northern Europe and sustainability and venturing out on our own. That sounds a lot to think about all at once and it is and that's why it's taken us quite sometime to get here, but we think we're now just about there.

January 2019 will see the foundation of the Nordic Tourism Collective, a pan-nordic, social enterprise network organisation dedicated to the promotion of Nordic Tourism in all its forms. The NTC will use the combined synergies of Nordic travel and tourism service providers to promote Nordic products, services and values to the international travel trade.

Like the beautiful swans in our logo, we have been working like crazy beneath the surface to identify suppliers and organisations that would like to join theh NTC. And in early 2019, we will take to the air.

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Can't wait for the establishment of the NTC. Its exactly what is needed to boost the profile of tourism to the region, with the absolute key inclusion of sustainability.

May this organization be a shining beacon in Europe for respecting the very environment it represents and promotes.

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