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The Nordic region leads the world in sustainability​. We provide exclusive educational programmes for schools, universities and colleges that showcase sustainability in action! Each core programme has the learner at it’s heart and is designed to:

  • Deliver experiences that demonstrate how sustainability has been integrated into all areas of life in the Nordics

  • Get people excited about what can be done if we choose to adopt more sustainable ways of living and working

  • Create interest in careers that drive the sustainable agenda forward

We offer a range of educational tours throughout the Nordic region that enables students to experience a sustainable future first-hand.  All tours provide a balance of learning with relaxing and fun activities to provide the ultimate educational and cultural experience.

Below are some examples of our educational tours to the Nordics.


Helsinki shines out as an example of sustainability in action and is an ideal focal point for any tour that wishes to see sustainability in action.

Highlights of our Helsinki tour for schools include:

  • Guided visit to Oodi, the fully sustainable Finnish National Library in the centre of the city

  • Visit to the Helsinki Institute of Sustainability Studies and learn about living with environmental change

  • Guided visit to Haltia, the Finnish nature centre located at the Nuuksio National Park

  • Relax and enjoy a tour of the beautiful city of Helsinki on an electric scooter of bike.



Copenhagen and Malmö are two of the most sustainably smart cities in the world and our tour illustrates how sustainability has been adopted into everyday life.

Highlights of our Copenhagen and Malmo tour for schools include:

  • Guided visit to Copenhill, Copenhagen's new waste-management centre with innovative recreation facilities including hiking, climbing and skiing

  • A sustainable food workshop, learn how to prepare a zreo-waste sustainable picinic made entirely of discarded food from the city

  • Take a guided bicycle tour of Malmo's carbon-neutral West Harbour

  • Enjoy and relax in the green environment of Tivoli Park, Copenhagen's city-centre amusement park


Tromsø is Europe's northernmost city; steeped in history but boasting a real insight into our future.

Highlights of our Tromsø tour for schools include:

  • Visit to Vitensenteret to learn about our weather, the everchanging climate and the amazing Northern Lights

  • Take active part in a sustainable initiative by helping NOrwegian students in cleaning up the beaches

  • Enjoy a sustainable treasure hunt, finding objects and places by solving eco and sustainable riddles! 

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