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visit estonia events

Trade reception, Aquavit, St James, London
24th November 2022

Visit Estonia hosted a Christmas breakfast reception at Aquavit St James on Thursday 24th November


The ambassador welcomed over 30 tour operators, agents and media representatives against the backdrop of the wonderful Tallinn Christmas market. The reception also enjoyed a live-feed direct from Tallinn Square

Trade workshop and reception
LORDS Cricket Ground
, St Johns Wood, London
6th September 2022

Visit Estonia hosted a very special Estonian 'five senses' reception in the at Lord's Cricket Ground on Tuesday 6th September.


Over 40 tour operators and media representatives received a presentation from Visit Estonia and Air Baltic and enjoyed drinks and exquisite snacks while using our senses to hear, feel, see, smell and taste a little of Destination Estonia. 

Screenshot 2022-09-09 at 09.20.02.png
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