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Increasing the awareness and visibility of Tbilisi and Georgia as a tourism destination to Nordic and European tour operators 


In the summer of 2023, Nordic Travel Solutions organised promotional activities for Tbilisi City Hall to increase the awareness and visibility of Tbilisi and Georgia to the Nordic and European tour operator

Trade reception Helsinki 7th Sept 2023

Invitations were extended to Helsinki based tour operators and travel agents with an interest in learning more about and selling Tbilisi and Georgia.  A Georgian restaurant in centyral Helsinki provided the perfect venue with Georgian food and wine adding to the atmosphere.  After introductory welcomes by Paul Wagner a presentation was made by the tourism department of the Tbilisi City hall.

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Tbilisi fam trip 25th-29th Sept 2023

Nordic and European tour operators and travel agents were invited to a fam-trip visiting Tbilisi.  The participants were given guided tours of the major sights of Tbilisi and introduced the the wonderful gastronomic delights of Georgian food and wine.  On the final morning of the trip, a small workshop was organised to enable the operators and agents to meet a number of local DMCs and other Tbilisi-based suppliers

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